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WTF does In Absolute Awe mean anyway?!

WTF does In Absolute Awe mean anyway?!

It was January 4th, 2016, in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile.

My fiancé at the time/now husband and I were driving through Torres del Paine, (which - FYI - is the most insanely beautiful National Park that I've EVER been to) when we saw what I later learned was Hosteria Pehoé, an idyllic hotel perched right on a little island in the middle of Lake Pehoé with a gorgeous pedestrian bridge that connected it to the main road.

2016-01-07 18.15.06.jpg

My jaw dropped and I knew we had to pull over so I could take in the view.  I, of course, had to snap a bunch of pics with my point and shoot, my iPhone AND my GoPro (because what if one of them took a better pic than the other?!).  

Despite being pretty sure it was a private island only for guests, I was drawn to walk over the bridge and check it out for myself. We walked by the main house and a few smaller houses, where we assumed the guests were staying and happened to see this little path that went up a hill into a bunch of trees.

Again, I ignored that pesky thought that jumped into my head questioning whether we were allowed to be there and up the path we went! When we got to top of the hill, the trees opened up to what honestly has been the most unreal view I’ve ever seen.  

It’s not like I hadn’t traveled before or seen amazing views, but this time, it literally felt like a giant wave had come over me. I was so taken aback and filled with so much emotion that I started crying at the sheer beauty of it.

That was definitely the first time Mama Nature made me cry, but that feeling…

That wave that came over me…

I’ve felt that before.

The sheer size of the Redwoods and how small they made me feel.

The shadows of the dunes in the Sahara at dusk right before sunset.

The transparency of the water while snorkeling between two tectonic plates in Iceland.

That’s what being In Absolute Awe is all about. That feeling that washes over you. That magic that takes your breath away. That moment where nothing else exists. 

I’ve always had an enormous amount of respect for Mama Nature. I’ve always been in absolute awe of her and everything she has created, which is why when I decided to spend this time traveling, my first stop couldn’t be anything other than New Zealand, as I’ve never heard anything other than utter amazement from those who had been before.

I can’t even believe today only marks being here for ONE WEEK. I’ve seen so many incredible views and excitingly enough, still have four weeks here! I’m SO grateful to have this time and promise to share more of it with you over the next few weeks!

More to come! xoxo