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leaving your job

And then just like that, it was my last day of work!

And then just like that, it was my last day of work!

I was really good at my job. My clients loved me. I genuinely liked my colleagues and my boss.  I was at the height of my career following a personal record breaking quarter.  My boss was prepping me to move into a role that would give me much more seniority and be the lead of one of the top focuses of the company. I would have made more money that year than I ever had before (and we are not talking about chump change here!).

And I left.

I left the comfort of a paycheck that covered more than I needed for my mortgage, bills, vacations – you name it.

I left a great job with awesome benefits (free catered lunch, stellar healthcare, supportive environment).

I left what I had worked so hard to get to.

Why would I do that?! People dream of having that kind of security! Are you crazy, Rachel?!?! (I am, but not the kind you’re thinking ☺).

I wasn’t passionate anymore. I wasn’t excited. I wasn’t challenged in the way I wanted to be.

I was comfortable.  I was bored. I didn’t care.

I saw how worked up my colleagues got about their accounts and how emotional they were about their business and I couldn’t remember the last time I truly felt that way about mine.

Sooo I left! I left to do something that I know I’m passionate about, that I know I won’t be bored of, that I love SO much, down to my core. TRAVEL!

“Ugh, be more cliché, Rachel. Another person quitting your job to travel the world? You’re such a millennial! What are you going to do for money?! How are you going to pay your mortgage?!”

Honestly? I don’t know... (I mean I do know that I am fortunate enough to have saved a good chunk of dollah dollah bills to last me a little while), but long term? I’m figuring that out! Instead of finding another job that I could learn to love, I want to start with my passion and allow it to evolve, taking shape as I go.

Is that nerve wracking? A little.

Is it uncomfortable? Sure.

Have I ever done anything like this before? Nope.

Is it exciting? HELL YEAH!

So… are you ready to join me on my journey? Hope so!